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Join Our Affiliate Program

STAR ONE TECHNOLOGY gives an occasion to all individualities to make plutocrat by joining our chapter program. STAR ONE TECHNOLOGY is a commanding IT company that provides services each over the world. We deal with WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

Then we launch our chapter programme to make India tone- employed. All of the specifics are listed below.However, kindly fill in your details as per the conditions, If you’re interested in joining. 

What You Have To Do In This Program

  • In this case, you only have to give us a vindicated lead or reference for the below services.
  • As per your lead, you entered your payment grounded on the payment structure.
  • You have to just find the sources by using the internet, your own friend circle, cousins,etc. who have a business.
  • Just tell them to take a service from us, like making a website, mobile app.
  • Still, just have a final discussion with the customer in your presence, and if the deal is successful, If you decide to buy our service.
  • But keep in mind that the guests convey part is entirely your responsibility. We ’ll just help you finalise the deal or the pricing discussion.
  • You Will Get Your Payment Within Next 2 Working Days Of Customer’s Payment.

Payment Terms And Structure

  • Payment will be made as per our payment terms, i.e., 50 in advance and the rest 50 after the customer pays the full quantum of the design.
  • There will be no cash payments; only bank transfers and online payments will be accepted.
  • Still, the company would not give you the rest of the quantum, If the customer did n’t pay the full quantum.

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